No Needles! Dentists Are Now Providing Painless Clinics

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  • November 13, 2013 3:28 pm
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No Needles! Dentists Are Now Providing Painless Clinics

No Needles! Dentists Are Now Providing Painless Clinics

By Thomas K Jackson

Research shows that people are afraid to go to the dentists mainly because of the painful treatments provided to them. However these days, you can find a lot of dentists, who are making use of the painless treatments, with the help of the right and effective tools and techniques. Looking out for the right cosmetic dentist, who will provide you with effective painless dental treatments becomes extremely essential when you stay here. A few of the common painless dental treatments are mentioned below.

Techniques used for painless dental treatments

    • Nitrous Oxide – This is often referred as laughing gas. It works in sedative and anaesthetic way. When you inhale such gas, it becomes very effective in providing painless dental treatment.


    • Computer controlled anaesthesia – Anaesthesia is essential for avoiding pain. The computer controlled anaesthesia treatments like Wand or Sleeper one, works like magic in curing pain. This is a very comfortable form of painless dental treatment and works in a wonderful way.


    • Dental laser drilling – With the help of dental laser drilling, a tiny laser beam is used for drilling, which is painless. The vibrations and noise that will usually be caused during laser treatments are also avoided with the help of this treatment. The laser beam is focused only to such area that causes pain during the process of treatment. Even if you have to undergo a surgery, due to the laser treatment, bleeding will be completely avoided.


    • Dental acupuncture – This is a latest concept in the field of dentistry. By implementing the acupuncture technique in dentistry, painless dental treatment can surely be facilitated. This will effectively help in providing a healing effect quickly after surgeries or tooth extraction.


  • Clinical hypnosis – This is known to be the stage of being awake and asleep, by which the patient will be able to deal with the unpleasant situations during the process of dental treatment. In fact, the best thing about clinical hypnosis is that there is no risk associated with it.

Other tips for getting rid of painful treatments

It would actually depend on the state of mind as to how you deal with the situation. Discuss with your dentist in detail about the painless treatment they offer. Find a good dentist, who will be able to provide you with efficient painless treatments. You can also divert your attention during the process of treatment by listening to good music or listening to a friend speaking. These small tips are in fact easy to be followed, which will definitely result in painless dental treatments. Stay calm and cool during the process of treatment. However, the pain will not last long.

With MG Dental, we make sure to provide the patients with the best painless treatments. By this, looking out for the efficient Cosmetic Dentist will not be a pain at all. Patient’s satisfaction is the main motive and thereby, we strive hard for it.

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